World map of the most active earthquake areas,
About 200,000 earthquakes occur every year.
On the picture above is shown typical "trenche" as a result of rupture of soil after an earthquake shock after wave.
Buildings and structures are deformed and ruined as a result of  a horizontal shock wave. The direction of a shock wave and the type of destruction are shown on the pictures below as an example of it. 
Obviously, the reduction of the horizontal shock wave would prevent those structures from

destruction. "Seismic Star" is capable of reducing the level of impulse surplus pressure on

structures by 40%, which would result in insignificant damage or none of it. 
Most of the earthquakes began from the bottom of the ocean and young tectonics.
Tremendous tectonic force spreads to the continental shelf with reflections causing vertical and horizontal impulses of surplus pressure of geological plateaus.

The vertical and horizontal impulses are statistically evaluated to be 15% and 85% of the whole tectonic force, respectively
On the above is shown the traces of volcanic activity, with water as the epicenters of the earthquakes.